As home inspectors in Western Contra Costa County, including the entire San Francisco Bay area, we have been assisting home buyers, home sellers, and local Realtors since 2007. With every home inspection that we complete we ensure that all of our clients receive friendly and courteous service as well as a thorough home inspection that is accurate. We are trusted by our clients, and we educate them on operating and maintaining the home as well as outlining the current home condition.

Industry Expectations Are Exceeded

We have performed more than five hundred home inspections, and are viewed as one of the best home inspectors in Western Contra Costa County and the surrounding areas. Our inspection experience includes a wide variety of residential properties, from vintage homes to new construction. We are qualified to inspect older homes, phase inspections on new residences being built, duplexes, townhomes, condominiums, and even multi-family units and complexes.

As one of the leaders in the local home inspection industry we often receive requests for information and assistance from local real estate professionals. We have had the pleasure of working, and maintaining outstanding professional relationships, with real estate firms and related professionals. We have also maintained many working relationships with past clients, who have either used our services again or have referred us to family and friends.

Optional Services That We Offer

In addition to a very thorough home inspection we offer optional services as well. These include:

  • Weekend Scheduling for Inspections
  • Cantonese Language Inspections

It will normally take from two to four hours for us to perform a thorough home inspection, and for the detailed inspection report to be completed. The report we provide is very comprehensive, and includes color pictures of any home areas that may be a concern. We welcome client participation and encourage questions, and this includes before, during, and even after the inspection. The comprehensive report and related photos are printed out right on site, and we will go over the findings closely with the client.

A Trusted Community Member And Business Owner

As the local home inspector in Western Contra Costa County, including the entire San Francisco Bay area, Timothy Tai has earned the trust and respect of the local community and area residents.

  • Timothy Tai is a Certified Pillar To Post Home Inspector.
  • Timothy is an ASHI Candidate Member.
  • He is the owner of the local Pillar To Post franchise.
  • Timothy Tai offers bilingual services in English and Cantonese.
  • Timothy is a local home owner and landlord.
  • He has extensive customer service experience.
  • Timothy Tai has received a degree in Computer Science.
  • Timothy worked in System Analysis for 18 years.

How Our Services Rate With Clients

Our clients provide feedback about their home inspection experience, and we have a very high customer satisfaction rating. Many clients tell us that our services were highly professional and thorough. The fact that we take the time to answer questions even after the inspector has left the site shows our commitment to the community, and the quality of the services that we offer. Many clients report that the education provided on operating and maintaining the home was very helpful, and all our clients appreciate the comprehensive report, color photos, and convenient binder for document storage that we provide.

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